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Hanover Securities

6410 Poplar Avenue, Suite 320
Memphis, TN 38119
Phone: 901.261.5950
Fax: 901.261.5999

Joel L. Banes

President & CEO
Direct: 901-261-5951

Matt Monaco

Senior Vice President, Trading
Direct: 901-261-5952

Jennifer Coltharp

Director, Lendor Relations
Direct: 901-261-5961

Hailey Layrock

Assistant Trader
Direct: 901-261-5971

Denice Susen

Director of Operations
Direct: 901-261-5974

Sales Representatives
John Hirt

Managing Director, Sales
Direct: 901-261-5964

Jim Tait

Managing Director/MBS
Direct: 901-261-5963

Richard Fuchs

Managing Director/Socially Responsible Investments
Direct: 901-261-5913

Stephen Bone

Managing Director/Head, Whole Loan Trading
Direct: 901-261-5977

Steven Shelton

Managing Director/First Vice President
Direct: 901-261-5967

Paul Briggs

Associate Vice President
Direct: 901-261-5929